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The Sumba Warrior Collection

Sumba Island, Indonesia is home to Nihiwatu, a Luxury Wellness Resort recently named “No 1Hotel in the World” by Travel+Leisure. Yet, without being described as the home of Nihiwatu or an “island East of Bali”, all too often, Sumba remains entirely off the radar even for the most adventurous travelers of Southeast Asia.

After spending the last year as the Yoga & Wellness Director of Nihiwatu Resort, I have watched our guests fall in love with Sumba for its undisturbed natural beauty, rich tribal culture, and more than anything, the kind-hearted people who welcome every outsider in as family. It’s like uncovering a rare gem – people often tell me they aren’t sure if they want to shout about it to the world, or keep it hidden in fear of the island losing its magic.


The reality is, behind the surface of awe-inspiring views and beautiful “Sumba smiles”, many people are in a struggle to get their basic needs met every day and diseases, which are otherwise treatable often become fatal due to lack of proper health care.


This line of yoga apparel was designed with a purpose to give back. With the help of my wonderful team at Joriki Yoga, we have replicated the designs of Ikat textiles straight from the villages of Sumba to create the highest quality yoga apparel. And the best part? A percentage of every piece sold will be donated back to The Sumba Foundation.


As Yogis, we must always remember that the ultimate goal is for all beings to experience freedom, joy and a sense of oneness with the world around us! I hope this apparel serves as a reminder of what really brings us to our mats each day!

Help spread the love: #STRETCHFORSUMBA